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Inclusive Dance: Leading creative dance in school settings for children with a range of disabilities

08 hours
The day will introduce you to creative dance and structured improvisation, exploring the key skills required to lead dance sessions for children with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities.

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You will participate in creative activities and be guided through exemplar lessons to provide an introduction to the pedagogies and methodologies of inclusive dance in school settings.


The aims of this workshop are to:

  • Discuss and highlight the main issues and challenges when teaching creative dance in special education need (SEN) schools. 
  • Inspire the participants to use structured improvisation as a tool for creative development and exchange between students and SEN school staff. 
  • Explore ways of working with children with a range of different disabilities such as profound and multiple learning disabilities and autism. 
  • Explore and discuss safe practice in an SEN context.
  • Experience a range of musical accompaniment for an inclusive dance, exploring the impact music can make in eliciting movement responses. 
  • Embed an array of communication styles such as makaton and non-verbal to be used in inclusive dance settings. 
  • Explore sensory props in the context of working with children with severe autism and profound learning disabilities. 
  • Discuss how to work with and empower support staff to be active participants in an inclusive dance class. 
  • Explore different dance techniques and how the essence of a dance style can be used in inclusive contexts.

Learning Outcomes

The participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the format of an inclusive dance class and the key components required to take the participants on a coherent movement journey. 
  • Learn how to safely warm up and cool down mixed ability groups. 
  • Experience a wide range of ‘tried and tested’ games and activities suitable for use in SEN schools. 
  • Be confident to lead dance classes with children with a range of disabilities and their support staff. 
  • Learn key makaton signs for a dance context. 
  • Be inspired and confident to use improvisation as a tool for creative exploration.