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RAD Syllabi Grade 1 and Intermediate Classes and Observations

08 hours
This face-to-face course looks at some of the principles of technique, performance and musicality which underpin training at RAD Grade 1 and Intermediate.

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Taught by the RAD’s Chief Examiner, teachers will observe their students in a Grade 1 and/or Intermediate class, followed by discussions of how effective teaching methods (with a particular focus on the use of imagery) inform best practice and on-going development and progression. Teachers will also observe strategies which support class management, effective feedback, and motivating/incentivising student engagement. Through observing learning and teaching in action, teachers will gain insight into how examination criteria can be applied during training.


Teachers can bring one student with them for the Grade 1 and/or Intermediate classes. Please book their place when making your own booking.

Students do not need to be ‘exam ready’ but should have a working knowledge of the exercises and the dances/variations required for the exam. However, please be aware that not all exercises and dances/variations will be covered during the class.

The classes are open to both male and female students. Students should wear their regular ballet uniform and Grade 1 students should bring their character shoes and skirt, as required. Intermediate students should bring their pointe shoes.


The aim of this course is to improve participant’s knowledge of how to employ a range of teaching strategies to help engage and motivate students and develop technique, musicality and performance.


On completion of the course you will:

  • have an increased understanding of examination criteria with particular focus at Grade 1 and Intermediate levels.
  • be able to incorporate effective and creative teaching methods in your dance teaching.
  • have a greater understanding of how students can be taught in an imaginative, incentivising and inclusive manner.
Syllabus course guidelines.

Visit our course guidelines page for information for teachers, along with international translations.

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