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Syllabus Strategies: Focus on Grades 1 -3

08 hours
A one-day practical course in which participating teachers will gain an understanding of how to teach the Grade 1 - 3 syllabi. Learning activities will focus on creating appropriate development exercises to encourage an accurate interpretation of the criteria used in the mark scheme of the examination.


This course is designed to look in depth at the philosophy of the work and to improve understanding of specific areas within the syllabus, particularly in regards to its technical, musical and performance aspects as identified by examiners. You will reflect on the relevance and interpretation of the assessment criteria in selected exercises and dances, and provide a platform to discuss, explore and develop strategies to strengthen areas of the work.

You will also be better able to understand the 'how' of teaching the syllabus, increasing knowledge of the assessment criteria and gaining insight into how the candidates are generally coping in the exams.


You will be able to:

  • demonstrate, physically and/or through explanation, an understanding of the technique/s at each level, and
  • discuss the relevance and interpretation of the assessment criteria in selected exercises and dances. 

Participants will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • approaches to help their learners develop the necessary strength and understanding to achieve the requirements of the assessment criteria in the examination.


Course fees are under the individual course dates listed above.

Syllabus course guidelines.

Visit our course guidelines page for information for teachers, along with international translations.

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