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Quality Assurance, Enhancement & Compliance

The quality, enhancement and compliance activities of the Royal Academy of Dance’ Faculty of Education consists of a number of elements all designed to deliver academic programmes of a high academic standard and a high quality student learning experience.

Faculty of Education, Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Faculty of Education procedures for quality assurance are required to take into account the various components of the QAA’s UK Quality Code for Higher Education (HE). The Quality Code has three sections:

  • Part A: Setting and maintaining academic standards.
  • Part B: Assuring and enhancing academic quality.
  • Part C: Information about higher education provision.

Each part contains the expectations that all HE providers are required to meet and give a series of indicators which illustrate how the expectations can be met.

The Quality Assurance Agency carried out a Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers) in June 2017. The outcome of the Review was that the Royal Academy of Dance has met UK expectations in all four of the judgements: the maintenance of academic standards; the quality of student learning opportunities; the quality of information about learning opportunities; and the enhancement of learning opportunities.

The Royal Academy of Dance has published its action plan in response to the recent Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers) in June 2017. The action plan was approved by the Royal Academy of Dance Education Sub-committee in November 2017. Please click on the links below for the QAA Report (external link) and Royal Academy of Dance Action Plan.


Student Protection Plan

The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 requires Higher Education Institutes and providers of Higher Education to maintain a Student Protection Plan to protect the interest of students. The Royal Academy of Dance's Faculty of Education Student Protection Plan  details the measures the Royal Academy of Dance and its validating partner for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, will take in order to protect the student interest and assure continuity of study in the event of programme, department or institution change or closure.

How we spend tuition fees - value for money

The following table shows a breakdown of how your tuition fees are spent on university-validated programmes:







Academic Salaries

Programme Expenses

Admin Salaries

Admin Costs

BA (Hons) Ballet   Education





BA (Hons) Dance   Education





Postgraduate   Certificate in Education: Dance Teaching (with QTS)





Master of   Arts in Education (Dance Teaching)






  1. Full-time and part-time academic salaries contributing to the teaching of the programmes.
  2. Expenses of running the programmes such as costs towards validation fees, placement providers, sessional teaching staff, library resources, virtual learning environment support costs, student expenses.
  3. Administration salaries contributing towards supporting the programmes and Faculty of Education staff training and recruitment.
  4. Costs towards Faculty of Education offices, professional subscriptions, government costs, general library online resources, certificates, marketing, advertising and office equipment etc.

The Faculty of Education also contributes towards  costs related to the running of the RAD such as property and building overheads, fixtures and fittings, support departments and students graduation.