5 September 2023 09:36

Take part in World Ballet Day 2023!

Calling all RAD teachers and members!

Do you have a story to share? What does dance mean to you and your students?

The RAD is participating in World Ballet Day 2023, taking place on 1 November. This is an annual event where dance organisations around the globe come together to celebrate the art form. This year we are presenting a 30-minute film as part of the World Ballet Day celebrations that showcases RAD stories from across the world – which is why we need you!

We are looking for video submissions. If you are interested, please create a short film that shows us:

  • What dance means to you as a RAD teacher/member
  • If you teach, what does it mean to your students? We’re happy for students under 18 to feature in this video as long as you have their parent/carer’s written consent.
  • What impact does dance have in your local community? What’s the impact of your school?

The closing date for submissions is 9 October 2023.

Guidelines for video submissions

  • Please ensure all videos are recorded in landscape format
  • Videos can either be short (30 seconds) or longer (3 minutes)
  • Please ensure videos are MP4 files
  • Please ensure videos are of high quality. Latest versions of Apple/Android phones usually have good quality cameras. If your video is of low quality, we will not be able to use it
  • Please share videos via WeTransfer or Dropbox. Send videos to press@rad.org.uk
  • Please ensure you have consent/permission from all individuals that feature in your video.

For an example of what we’re looking for, please watch our video for World Ballet Day 2021 below.

We are really pleased to be accepting videos in different languages. If you are submitting your video in a different language, please provide a written English transcription in a Word document. If you need assistance with this please contact your national RAD office.

RAD wants to celebrate all the dance teachers around the globe, as it is these teachers who inspire, believe in and shape the dancers of the future. This will be a really fun activity for you to showcase your dance school and students to the ballet world!