22 December 2021 09:24

Teaching Male Students Special Interest Group - Expression of Interest

In response to requests from RAD teachers for CPD workshops which look at approaches, strategies and practices for the teaching ballet to male students, CPD UK would like to bring together dance practitioners and educationalists, with experience of teaching and mentoring male students from beginners to vocational levels of training, to form a CPD Development: Teaching Male Students Special Interest Group (SIG).

The main objective of the SIG will be to identify areas of learning, teaching and management which it believes should be covered in a workshop, or series of workshops focussing on effective learning and teaching practices, classroom management, and socio-emotional skills appropriate to the teaching of ballet to male students. 

To facilitate the SIG, a programme of three to four virtual meetings will be scheduled to bring individuals together to:

  • discuss experiences of teaching ballet to male students;
  • identify the knowledge, understanding and skills required for the teaching of ballet to male students;
  • recommend content to be covered in a CPD workshop.

CPD UK is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals who would be interested in being part of proposed SIG.  While the meetings will be conducted in English, CPD UK welcomes Expressions of Interest from across the world in order to consider a range of different cultural experiences and backgrounds. 

If you are interested in being part of the SIG, complete the Expression of Interest Form no later than 21 January 2022. Participation in the SIG is on a non-paid voluntary basis, but would contribute to independent CPD hours on the RAD’s CPD Scheme.