Assessment criteria

Candidates are assessed on the following criteria across both variations:



  • Secure posture and weight placement, use of turnout, articulated, clearly defined footwork
  • Co-ordinated and sensitive use of the arms and hands in balanced harmony with the whole body showing breadth of movement, use of épaulement, alignment, head and eye line
  • Rhythmical and controlled pirouettes
  • Controlled, sustained and co-ordinated adagio movements creating harmonious lines through the whole body
  • Effective use of elevation, accurate batterie, and the ability to reflect the dynamics and artistic qualities of the allegro steps
  • Use of space


  • Rhythmical accuracy and timing
  • Response to musical atmosphere, dynamics and phrasing


  • Confident movements performed with ease
  • An ability to interpret and express the varying artistic qualities and appropriate styles

Criteria for Choreographic Award generously supported by the Lynn Wallis OBE Bursary

The recipient of this award is the choreographer who demonstrates the highest standard of choreography within the variation.

The choreography will be assessed on:

  • Structure
  • Dynamics of movement
  • Use of space
  • Depiction of theme or story
  • Use of music/sound.