How to apply

Information on coaching and submissions.

Online coaching

Applications for online coaching have now closed.

  1. Candidates will receive confirmation by Friday 12 February 2021 of their acceptance for the online coaching and video submission for the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition 2021. If we find that you are not eligible, your payment will be refunded.
  2. Coaching will be provided by a range of coaches from the profession.
  3. Candidates should be available online 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time slot to assure that there are no connection problems. A member of RAD staff will be present at the beginning of the session to assist with any technical issues.
  4. One teacher must be present with the candidate to hear the coaching notes and general advice given to the candidate but not to actively participate.
  5. You must have access to a studio with an internet connection and a device (e.g. laptop or tablet) that will allow a coach to see all of your dancing, in order to take part in the remote coaching.
  6. Dancer’s Own will be coached to a recording, whereas recordings or a live pianist may be used for the Classical Variation.
  7. All variations are covered by copyright law and therefore it is strictly prohibited for you to make any type of recording (images, photographs, audio/video, etc.) on any device, during your online coaching sessions.
  8. Please note that the RAD will record the session for monitoring and promotional purposes. You will be asked to give permission when applying to take part.

Video submission

To be considered for selection as a Finalist at the 2021 competition, you must submit two videos between Friday 7 May – Monday 31 May 2021.

Candidates should submit a recording of themselves performing their chosen Classical Variation and their Dancer’s Own Variation.

Dancer’s Own Variation

Candidates should perform a variation between 1.00 – 1.30 minutes duration (performed in pointe shoes for females), choreographed by themselves, their teacher or a peer to a piece of music of their choice. This section, Dancer’s Own, puts the creative process right at the heart of The Fonteyn. See further details in the information pack.

Classical Repertoire Variation

Candidates should select one variation from the list. Candidates who have previously participated in the Genée International Ballet competition must choose a different variation for the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition. See further details and guidelines in the information pack.

Video submission guidelines

Full guidance on submitting videos can be found in the competition information pack.

Video selection results

We will inform you of the Judge’s decision by Friday 26 June 2021 by email. It is only on receipt of this communication that you will know if you will be invited to compete in the Final of the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition 2021. If you have been selected as a reserve Finalist, you will receive notification at this time.

The Judge’s decisions will be final and we are unable to provide feedback or justification.

If you are selected as a Finalist and were awaiting your Advanced 2 examination result during the remote coaching/video submission period, you will be asked to submit proof of qualification at this time.

We will also request further information from you such as a short biography, headshot and the music file for your Dancer’s Own variation. Further details will be provided at this time.