Genée Alumni

Our alumni scheme for candidates of the Genée International Ballet Competition.

Calling all Genée alumni!

We have launched a Genée Alumni Scheme to celebrate the success and influence of the competition and its participants. Every one of the hundreds of dancers that have taken part in the competition throughout its 80-year history are part of an elite group. Whether you are dancing professionally, for fun, or have long-since hung up your ballet shoes, we would like you to share your Genée experience with us.

We have lost touch with many of you over the years, so if you know of other previous candidates, then we would love to hear from them too.

How to get involved

Please complete this online form to register your interest.

There is no joining fee, we would simply like you to pledge to support the future of the Genée. In return we will re-connect you with former Genée friends and keep you up to date with the competition, RAD news and other events throughout the year.

The Genée pledge

As Genée Alumni we will ask you to pledge your support by signing a form. This simply states that you will do all you can to support and raise the profile of the Genée International Ballet Competition, particularly if your city or country is the next host. We will also ask you to provide us with the following to be used as press and publicity materials:

  • A photograph
  • A quote or video clip
  • A completed (short) survey


As a thank you for your support we will offer the following benefits:

  • Recognition in a dedicated alumni section of the RAD website
  • Regular e-newsletters with RAD and dance industry news, events and special offers
  • Online access to our RAD magazine, Dance Gazette
  • A 25% membership discount for alumni re-joining the RAD
  • VIP invitations to selected high profile RAD events
  • The opportunity to give back to the new generation of emerging young dancers, by sharing your stories, knowledge and experience.

Once you register your interest we will be in contact to take you through the next steps.