11 September 2020 14:18

The Rule of 6 and dance classes (updated)

Updated Government Guidance, and what it means for dance classes.

22 September

On Tuesday 22 September the Prime Minister announced tighter Covid-19 restrictions and new regulations for England, enforceable from Thursday 24 September. 

The new regulations amongst others, extend the ‘rule of 6’ beyond social gatherings, however exemptions to this rule in England, still apply. Exemptions include work, education and training and children’s youth clubs and organised activities. Therefore our understanding is that dance classes for under 18s can continue as long as dance studios and classes are following other Covid-secure guidance. Find out what has changed.

The guidance also states that where non-professionals are engaging in performing arts activities i.e. Adult dance classes, that as long as Covid-secure measures are in place groups of more than 6 can come together, but they must ensure that there is no interaction (socialising) amongst different  groups of more than 6 people. It is also useful to refer to the meeting with others safely guidance.

Northern Ireland

For full updated guidance in Northern Ireland here Our understanding is that the restrictions do not apply to work, education, culture or recreation as long as an appropriate risk assessment has been carried out and reasonable mitigation measures are in place. 


You can find details on restrictions to gatherings in Wales here.

The guidance does not apply to work, or organised exercise, and there is separate guidance on Rehearsing, performing and taking part in the performing arts which indicates the overall size of groups depends on the size of the space being used, Covid-secure plans being in place and being able to maintain social distancing effectively.


You can find details on restriction to gatherings in Scotland here. The restriction does not apply to work or education, where separate guidance must be followed. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals and businesses in Scotland.

See also, advice for parents in ParentClub to help navigate the COVID-19 rules, with specific reference to dance classes.

Tools for teachers

Now more than ever it is vital that RAD teachers carry our risk assessments and keep them under constant review in line with changes from government but also in response to feedback from the staff, students and parents using your facilities. We also recommend reading the updated guidance on when to wear face coverings and exemptions.

It is also vital that you engage with Track and Trace and there is now a customer logging toolkit available to help you to do that as well as messaging suggestions for a range of scenarios and other marketing materials such as posters and social media assets.

RAD Teachers, visit the Members Area for to access guidance and templates to help create a Covid-secure environment. We have also downloaded the various government toolkits for you.