The Unexpected Benefits of Dancing

Director of the Faculty of Education, Dr Michelle Groves, and Artistic Director, Gerard Charles, share some of the unexpected benefits of dancing.

It is well known that regular exercise can promote physical health, increased well-being, and lead to a better quality of life. But what makes dance unique?

Social Connection

Dance gives you a feeling of connection; it’s hard to feel lonely when you’re dancing with others. Dance can improve your self-confidence, making it easier to form new friendships both inside and outside of the studio. Dance has always served a social function at gatherings and celebrations – it is a wonderful way to break down language barriers and enjoy life together. Dr Michelle Groves, Director of Education


The music will not only inspire your physical movements but also when you dance to music you hear it in new and often unexpected ways. You will begin to “feel” the music and experience in a very fulfilling way. Gerard Charles, Artistic Director

Present Moment Focus

Regardless of age, dance is the ultimate mindful activity – it allows you to live in the now. It disconnects you from all your problems, giving you the chance to unwind and recover from the stresses of daily life. The RAD

Exercise Your Brain

Remembering  steps, moving to the beat of the music challenges your brain as well as your body. It improves your memory, your coordination, and your focus. It has been proven that learning new moves and combinations improves memory and enhances concentration.  Dr Michelle Groves, Director of Education

Creativity and Self Expression

Although there is structure in a dance class there is also room for creativity and personal expression. Interpretation is a large part of what dance is about. Every move you make can come out of you, and how you feel. It is a way to release your inner creativity. If you cannot find the words, dance has the power to convey something to the world around you.  Gerard Charles, Artistic Director

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