Community – for individuals

We want to encourage those closest to us to connect with us. There are several ways that you could do this, whether you want to connect regularly or even if you don’t want to dance.

We have our dance school, which runs a variety of weekly dance classes for all ages. We will also be hosting events throughout the year that will be open to the public – see what we have coming up.

If you are interested in helping us make decisions about how the RAD can connect with the community you can join our Arts Action Group. We also have an RAD membership which can give you benefits like discounts in our cafe and renting our spaces at our headquarters.

Dance School Bursary

Although we understand how incredible dance is for you, both physically and mentally, we also know that not everyone has the means to enjoy it regularly. To do something about this, we started our dance school bursary programme, which provides financial support to Wandsworth residents in need, to attend our classes.

If you would like to donate to support our bursary program.

Older learner class discounts

We also understand how impactful dance can be on the lives of older people, providing them an opportunity to socialise and enjoy movement designed for them. To support our older community members, we have discounts on all of our classes for older learners at our headquarters, these include:

RAD Membership Discount

At our core, we are a membership organisation, so whether you are a dance teacher, are interested in dance, or just someone who lives locally – we have something for you. We have a discount on our RAD Membership and RAD Membership Plus for residents at an address in the following postcodes: SW11 1, SW11 2, SW11 3, SW11 4, or SW11 5.

Find more details on membership.