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Latest Issue

Welcome to Dance Gazette’s celebration of Margot Fonteyn, marking the centenary of the iconic ballerina and landmark President of the RAD. A flotilla of features explores varied aspects of her unique career – we dive into the archives, meet artists and admirers, and explore her impact on the art of dance, on fashion, and on the RAD itself.

Fonteyn will also be prominent in the RAD’s own centenary programme next year – not least in giving her name to its flagship international ballet competition. This issue preview some of the other exciting events due in 2020. And for something completely different, how about video games? They are having a bigger impact on dance than you might imagine.



Fonteyn: Icon
Margot Fonteyn was a ballerina like none other. Colleagues and fans describe her unmatched effect and continuing legacy.

Fonteyn: President
She wasn’t keen to take the role, but Fonteyn proved a groundbreaking RAD President. We examine her transforming impact.

Fonteyn: Fashion
Fonteyn was always fashion-forward: a Dior muse in spiffy hats. We trace her unique personal style.

Fonteyn: Older
Remarkably, Fonteyn extended her performing career through her fifties. We meet the current dancers following her lead.

Shining city
Natalia Goncharova designed some of the Ballets Russes’ signature works: eye-popping marvels of space and colour.

Game on
Video games like Fortnite have a global following. But what are they doing for dance?

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