Why choose an RAD Registered Teacher?

We hold a global register of RAD Registered Teachers. The main purpose of this is to protect the public and to provide confidence in the dance teaching profession. Only dance teachers who meet our professional standards and training requirements are registered with us.

Employers or prospective students (their parents and guardians) can find RAD Registered Teachers via the Register of Teachers.

Third-party organisations wishing to work with us or our teachers should contact marketing@rad.org.uk.

How to choose a dance teacher

Finding the right dance teacher, whether for yourself or for your child is a little like finding the perfect dance partner – there has to be a good fit. No matter where you or your child are on your dance journey, your dance class should always be a safe, creative and nurturing environment.

There are two distinct areas to think about:

  • What skills, knowledge and qualifications do they have, to give you confidence in their ability to teach dance, and
  • Does their approach and ethos suit your needs and expectations of what you want your experience of dance to be?

Of course, dance style, convenience and price will also come into your decision-making. Whether you choose an RAD teacher or not, we want to make sure you make an informed decision; download our handy checklist to help you.

Why choose an RAD Registered Teacher?

RAD Registered Teachers have undergone stringent dance education training to give them the necessary skills and knowledge to teach dance. They are part of an organisation that has the protection of the public at the core of its values and strives to empower people through dance. At the RAD, we believe that ‘every body’ should have the opportunity to learn to dance regardless of age, level or ability.

Our teachers are also members of a professional body that is working with legislative, regulatory and parliamentary bodies, such as the Department for Education, and through organisations such as One Dance UK, NSPCC and Safer Dance to continually improve standards in dance teaching.


Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications

All RAD Registered Teachers must:

  • take part in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to make sure that they stay at the forefront of dance education and training,
  • meet our mandatory safeguarding requirements including holding a criminal record check, declaring any criminal convictions and completing annual safeguarding training, to keep children and vulnerable adults in their care safe (find out more about safeguarding at the RAD), and
  • hold a university-validated RAD award, or qualify through a recognised RAD route (See current offered programmes/routes.)

(The eligibility criteria are subject to change periodically.)

Approach and Ethos

We have been building our expertise in training dance teachers for over 100 years and are dedicated to ensuring that RAD teachers around the world have a child/person-centered approach to their teaching.

All RAD Registered Teachers must: follow the Code of Conduct, which sets out standards of conduct, along with disciplinary procedures to protect them and those who use their schools.

How to find a RAD Registered Teacher

You can search our register to find out whether a dance teacher is registered with us. Simply search by their name and country to find their listing. If you are looking for a dance class, our enhanced listings allow you to filter by location, so you can narrow your search to find dance schools near you.

International Reach

We are a global leader in dance education and training, with professional teachers registered with us in over 85 countries. Around the world, RAD exams are recognised for their quality, and each year, nearly a quarter of a million candidates across the globe choose to take their dance exams with us.

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