Step into Dance Case Studies

Hear from those involved in the Step into Dance programme…


SYꞤC, our Youth Dance Company

SYꞤC is a mixed dance style company and where young dancers have the opportunity to build repertoire in a range of diverse genres, whilst building upon strength, technical skills and improving confidence. The company aims to challenge their knowledge, experience, performance skills and perspective of dance and each session gives them an opportunity to learn, create, express themselves and spend time with other talented young dancers. Check out what our young dancers have to say below!

Our Practitioners

The Step into Dance team is made up of a range of talented dance practitioners, professionally trained in a variety of genres who are delivering our weekly sessions in schools and youth groups. Find out what they enjoy about the Step into Dance Programme below!

Schools and Youth Groups

Our sessions take place in schools and youth groups across London and Essex. Hear what they have to say about the Step into Dance programme!



The Leadership programme is aimed towards students on our programme who are interested in developing their dance leadership skills through their experiences in their Step into Dance sessions.



Event Participants

Our events are open to all young dancers on the Step into Dance programme. Read their experiences below!



Step Alumni: Agnes Rosa Lamb

“My time with Step into Dance really helped me prepare for my future in dance, and helped me believe that I could choose dance as a career.”

From Step into Dance to the Fonteyn, Agnes Rosa Lamb’s professional dance career has flourished. Having first joined the Step into Dance Company at age 11, Agnes then went on to completing exams and competitions with the RAD. Most recently, Agnes competed in the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition 2023.

Since the Fonteyn, Agnes has been rehearsing with the English National Ballet for their upcoming ballet, Giselle. We are so proud to be a foundation for Agnes’ wonderful professional dance career, and we are excited for what is to come.

Step Alumni: Riana Morrison-Kirnon

“Step into Dance taught me that I have the freedom and the platform to speak my mind and let my voice be heard.”

Dance brings so much to young people, and we love when our programme allows them to excel into new and exciting opportunities. Riana first joined the Step into Dance programme when she was 13, and is now a Youth Trustee at the Jack Petchey Foundation. During her time on the programme, Riana excelled in dancing, confidence and within her role as a Leader.


Step Alumni: Mona El Ghzal

“The classes felt like a safe space to express and push yourself to achieve and learn unimaginable things.”

Whilst taking part in the Step into Dance programme, Mona was introduced to Breaking, a hip-hop dance style, and is now Breaking competitively as a B-girl!

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Step into Dance is a Royal Academy of Dance programme in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation, a charity set up by Sir Jack Petchey CBE to inspire and celebrate young people. Since 1999, the Foundation has invested over £170 million in programmes and partnerships that have directly benefitted almost 1.2m young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex.