Step into Dance offers schools and aspiring dancers a range of exciting performance opportunities to get involved with, giving them the chance to expand their experience and perform in a professional theatre.

As well as weekly school sessions we are committed to providing performance events and other opportunities to all our students. Government guidance permitting, schools and young people on the programme will be able to participate in:

Battle (£3 per person)
Our annual battle celebrates street dance in all its forms! This year’s battle was an exciting mix of workshops, performances and an all-important opportunity for crews and individual dancers to battle it out.

Day of Dance (£25- £30 depending on group size)
Visit a professional dance studio, take classes and share your work with other Step students and interact with either professional or semi-professional dancers.

Step Around Town (£30 school participation fee)
Our regional borough performance opportunities for schools. Groups share their work and young people have the chance to mix with other like-minded dancers and perform to their friends and families.


Day of Dance

A half-day experience that gives groups the chance to visit a studio, participate in workshops, and share their work with other students
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Step Around Town

Our regional performance opportunities
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Step Live Festival (£35 school participation fee)
Our annual celebration of dance, a day of performances by selected school groups and our youth companies!

Step Live Festival

Our annual celebration of dance
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This year, Day of Dance and Step Around Town will function as the selection process for Step Live, as we are unable to guarantee every school on the programme a space at Step Live. Due to reduced capacities, there will be no opportunity for workshops at Step Live and your chance to participate in workshops will come from Day of Dance or February’s Battle event. We have increased capacity at Day of Dance to accommodate for this.

Note: schools who participate in Day of Dance, Step Around Town and Step Live will be eligible to take part in all three for the reduced rate of £75. Participating schools are able to host up to 6 additional rehearsals in the run-up to these events at the additional cost of £14.83 p/h. These hours must be contiguous with existing classes and agreed with the Lead Programme Officer before they are delivered.

You can also have a look at our past events and projects.

Step Into Dance is a Royal Academy of Dance programme in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation, an organisation that empowers young people and widens their opportunities through grant-giving and achievement recognition.