We’ve closed the booking form for the 2021/22 school year, booking for our 2022/23 packages will be available soon. If you have any questions about classes for the remainder of the 2021/22 school year please email stepintodance@rad.org.uk

Come and dance with us!

Support your students’ physical and mental wellbeing and expand their knowledge of dance with our high-quality classes, delivered directly into your school.

We offer a range of options to suit everyone with our Dance Journey or Step INTRO Dance packages. All our classes are delivered by professional dancers who provide their expertise in a variety of different dance styles.

To request your sessions please use our online booking form.

Choose from these packages:

Dance Journey (weekly sessions)

These weekly dance sessions will enable your students to master specific dance techniques, gain a broader knowledge of dance and build confidence in and through movement. You can select either one specific dance style or a selection of different styles for your students on a weekly basis.

The project will include:

  • Weekly dance sessions lead by an experienced dance practitioner and designed to meet the specific needs of your students
  • The opportunity for your students to access other projects such as our Ambassador Scheme and Dance Companies
  • Eligibility to participate in our Battle, Step Around Town, Day of Dance, and Step Live Festival performance opportunities for your school

Base price packages are outlined below; please get in touch with us at stepintodance@rad.org.uk to discuss any special requests.

Dance Journey
Hours How used Cost to school
One term offer- 12 hours – to start sessions after the Easter holidays To be used as required £250
20 hours To be used as required £347
30 hours 1 hour per week over a 30 week year £445
45 hours 1.5 hours per week over a 30 week year £535
60 hours 2 hours per week over a 30 week year £556


Step INTRO Dance (6 hours)

This is an introductory session offered for schools that are new to the programme. The aim of this short course is to provide both teachers and students with a flavour of the programme and a broader understanding of dance. From this introduction you will be able to select which project to offer your students.

Step INTRO Dance
Value Your Cost
6 hours to be used as required in no less than 1-hour segments £246 £175

If you have questions about any of our packages or classes please email stepintodance@rad.org.uk


All Step into Dance classes are fully inclusive. They are open to students aged 11 -18 (25 for our SEND students) in non-fee paying schools across London and Essex.

Group sizes should be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 depending on the size of the space and any Covid restrictions in place in your school.

Please let a SID team member know if you have any special requests when booking a program with us.

Video Option
The best instruction is delivered in person, but if there are situations where you believe it more practical to start classes in real time via a video link, please feel free to discuss this option with us.

What else?

As well as weekly school sessions we are committed to providing performance events and other opportunities to all our students. Government guidance permitting, schools and young people on the programme will be able to participate in:

Battle (£3 per person)
Our annual battle celebrates street dance in all its forms! The full day is an exciting mix of workshops, performances and an all-important opportunity for crews and individual dancers to battle it out in front of a sold-out audience.

Step Around Town (£30 school participation fee)
Our regional borough performance opportunities for schools. Groups share their work and young people have the chance to mix with other like-minded dancers and perform for their friends and families.

Day of Dance (£25- £30 depending on group size)
Visit a professional dance studio, take classes and share your work with other Step students and interact with either professional or semi-professional dancers.

Step Live Festival (£35 school participation fee)
Our annual celebration of dance!

Note: schools who participate in Day of Dance, Step Around Town and Step Live will be eligible to take part in all three for the reduced rate of £75.

Step Companies (£40 per term, per participant)
Our companies meet every Sunday at RAD Headquarters to offer a pre-professional experience for dedicated young dancers.

Ambassador Scheme (£25 commitment fee per participant)
Enthusiastic young people with a passion for dance have the opportunity to learn new skills to equip them to help with a range of events, projects and promotions throughout the school year. Everyone on the Ambassador Scheme is given the opportunity to work towards an Arts Award.


“A brilliant programme that has transformed dance at our school.”- St Phillip’s School

“Students enjoy working on and developing their dance. They are very enthusiastic and consider these sessions their favourite lesson.” – Mulberry School for Girls

“We are very keen to keep Step running here as long as possible as it adds so much to our extra-curricular programme and provides a great club for us!” – Clapton Girls Academy

“I am delighted we bought into the project it was absolutely the best thing we could have done.” –  New City College Epping

Step Into Dance is a Royal Academy of Dance programme in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation, an organisation that empowers young people and widens their opportunities through grant giving and achievement recognition.