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Why choose an RAD Registered Teacher?

Why choose an RAD Registered Teacher?
Whether you are looking to join a dance class yourself or to find one for your child, you don’t just want a good teacher, you want the best.

Find a teacher

Locating your nearest RAD Registered Teacher has never been easier with the RAD’s Find A Teacher search facility. Find a teacher you trust and start dancing today! 

Trust in a professional

The RAD Registered Teacher Mark is only for use by RAD Teachers.Finding the right teacher is vital and by choosing an RAD Registered Teacher you are choosing quality, safety and professionalism – just look out for the RAD Registered Teacher logo. All of our teachers must now complete a Faculty of Education dance teaching qualification in order to become a Registered Teacher, so you know you’ll be in expert hands.

Take your love of dance to the next level

Ballet is fun, but it is also physically demanding so a professional, qualified teacher is a must.  Royal Academy of Dance teachers are trained to follow a carefully structured syllabus which is fun and safe, enabling students to progress in stages. We offer a wide range of exams and assessments focusing on creativity and musicality to motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.

Learn more than just ballet

Learning to dance comes with many additional benefits for students such as increased confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and self-motivation, improved posture and physical strength, and an appreciation of music.  An inspiring dance teacher helps students fulfil their dreams. 

Choose quality

RAD Registered Teachers are renowned for their dedication and expertise. Our teachers are required to follow a strict code of professional conduct and keep their skills and knowledge up to date through a programme of Continuing Professional Development. 

Find a world class teacher just around the corner

The Royal Academy of Dance, which was founded in 1920 to set standards for dance teaching in the UK, is one of the world’s most influential dance education organisations with over 8,000 registered teachers in 84 countries. 

Guarantee safety

You want to make sure that you or your child learns in a safe and supportive environment, that’s why we recommend that all our teachers have enhanced disclosure*, find out more about what this means.

We also offer first aid training, access to a specialised insurance scheme and advice on creating policies and procedures including safeguarding and health & safety.

*Enhanced disclosure relates to teachers in the UK only, we recommend checking for services similar to this in your country. 

Your essential checklist when choosing a dance teacher:

  • Look for the RAD Registered Teacher logo
  • Check for an Enhanced Disclosure or similar
  • Find out if the teacher is certified in first aid
  • Check your teacher has policies and procedures in place
  • Ensure that both the school and teacher have liability insurance