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Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance magazine, produced as part of our mission to inspire the world to dance and with over 100 years of dance teaching and training knowledge and expertise. After 91 years as the printed voice of the Royal Academy of Dance, it re-invents itself as a digital-only magazine. It still offers inspiring stories, exploring how the RAD impacts upon the world and how the world affects us all. We still work with imaginative writers, photographers and illustrators but we now offer more multimedia content, more ways to bring stories to life.

Published three times a year (February, June and October) it is a benefit of membership of the Royal Academy of Dance, available free of charge to our worldwide membership of teachers and students in 89 countries. Single issues can be purchased – order your copy now.


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Editor’s Note

This issue of Dance Gazette examines the face we present to the world. As the RAD launches a portrait competition for its new London home, we meet leading portrait artists and uncover the subject of the competition, RAD founder Adeline Genée. For dancers, their stage face is shaped by make-up; our enthralling history of ballet slap includes chalk, rice powder and the stinky grease of sperm whales. Happily, no whales were harmed in our mesmerising cover film with English National Ballet.
Dance Gazette Editor, David Jays

David Jays writes for the Guardian and Sunday Times, and is editor of Dance Gazette, the Royal Academy of Dance magazine. @mrdavidjays.


Paint Job

From chalk and lard to gold leaf and mascara: Vera Rule reveals the hidden history of ballet make-up.

Picture This

As the RAD launches a portrait competition for its new London headquarters, Sarah Crompton asks leading portrait artists how they capture a personality in paint.

Living Doll

The RAD’s new portrait competition celebrates its first President, Adeline Genée. But who was she – and how did she rise from the music hall to the peak of British ballet? Carol Martin reveals the woman behind the porcelain princess.

Founding Father

The French painter Poussin is often called the father of classicism. He was also fascinated by dance – so Rosemary Waugh asks a choreographer and a curator to delve into his paintings.

Shake It Up

As calls for racial equity in dance teaching grow, Isaac Ouro-Gnao asks what tangible action looks like and explores how to bring about change.

Walk Tall

A migrant child crossed Europe this summer. What makes Amal unusual is that she is an 11-foot puppet who draws crowds wherever she goes. She began her journey in Turkey, where Altuğ Akin sees her welcomed by Izmir’s folk dancers.

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