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Dance Gazette

Dance Gazette
Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance publication, produced as part of our mission to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance.

It is published three times a year (February, June and October) and is distributed to 13,000 members and friends internationally. It is now also available to non-members as a single issue and as a subscription which starts at only £10.50 (postage charges apply). 

If you are interested in advertising in Dance Gazette, please contact or call +44 (0)20 7326 8952. 

For sizing and pricing, take a look at our Dance Gazette media pack .

Latest issue

100 years ago, the first British women won the right to vote, while it is 125 years since the same landmark was achieved in New Zealand. These striking anniversaries prompt Dance Gazette to explore inspirational women, as teachers, leaders or mentors. Prominent artists name their role models, and we hear about leadership and creativity from three dynamic women from different generations and genres: Vidya Patel, Kate Prince and Dame Monica Mason.

We also explore a dilemma that teachers face whatever their gender – is there ever a perfect time to retire, and how do you transition to the next stage of your career? And there’s space for the gents too – from Michael Jackson’s unique moves to the ageless genius of William Forsythe.

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The buck stops here
How do women in dance find their way as leaders and mentors? Who are their role models? Three inspiring dancers from different generations swap experiences, while star artists name their own heroines.

Against the clock
There’s no age limit in dance teaching – so when should you retire? And what comes next? RAD teachers share their stories.

Off the wall
No one moved like Michael Jackson. But what made him an icon of dance as well as music?

Mission possible
The Genée bursary scheme helps talented students enter the RAD’s flagship competition. They explain what it means to them.

Brave new worlds
Cambodian classical dance was almost wiped out during Pol Pot’s tyrannical regime. 20 years after his death, young dancers revive the art form – with a contemporary twist.

Chill Bill
Rule-breaking choreographer William Forsythe returns to ballet – and he couldn’t be happier. In a rare interview, he insists he’s a classical dancer at heart.