Episode 5: Mitchell Rayner

‘Living in the movement’ is the motto of Australian Royal Academy of Dance teacher Mitchell Rayner. Enjoying and fully inhabiting your movement is a fantastic goal for anyone in dance. Mitchell came to dance training relatively late but progressed quickly, joining the Australian Ballet. He retired from the company in 2016, and re-trained as a dance teacher with the RAD, taking his philosophy of living in the movement through his practise and onto his own range of clothing. What was his journey from a dancing boy into a too-rare male ballet teacher?


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Mitchell Rayner

Mitchell Rayner began formal dance lessons in Newcastle, Australia at the age of 13, before taking up full-time dance studies with Tessa Maunder OAM. He joined the Australian Ballet School in 2005, and in 2008 the Australian Ballet. Retiring from the company in 2016 he chose to share his professional experience through teaching and mentoring, and has since taught for Sydney Dance Company, Australian Ballet, RAD, Tanya Pearson Academy, Ballet Without Borders and others. He attained the RAD Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate Teaching Certificate and is a registered RAD teacher.

Mitchell’s website https://www.balletwithmitch.com.au/

Mitchell on Instagram @balletwithmitch