Episode 6: Jordan Thomas

Broadcast date: 30 March 2022

On Why Dance Matters we enjoy meeting people whose work isn’t obviously connected to dance. As a teenager in California, Jordan Thomas was being groomed as a political fixer, but instead broke away to study choreography at one of America’s leading modern dance schools, before beginning a remarkable legal career. He is now America’s leading attorney representing whistleblowers, exposing wrongdoing in some of Wall Street’s biggest companies. Whistleblowers have also prompted revelations from the dance world, exposing racism, harassment and bullying. We ask Jordan how dance changed his life, and about the courage it takes to blow the whistle on your boss.

Jordan Thomas

A principal architect of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Whistleblower Program, in 2011, Jordan Thomas established the first US whistleblower practice exclusively focused on violations of federal securities laws. Both pioneer and recognised leader in the field, his clients have launched many of the SEC’s landmark cases. His clients won the largest single-case SEC whistleblower award in history, more than $83 million for reporting misconduct at Merrill Lynch. A longtime public servant and seasoned trial lawyer, at the SEC Jordan had a leadership role in developing the Whistleblower Program and was assigned to many of the SEC’s highest-profile actions. He is a nationally sought after writer and commentator on securities enforcement, corporate ethics and whistleblower issues.

Discover the core principles of Jordan Thomas’ practice.

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