Series 1

May – July 2021.

Interviews include Xander Parish, Cathy Marston, Phil Chan and Céline Gittens.

Episode 1: Xander Parish

Broadcast date: 19 May 2021. Xander Parish tells a story of snatching triumph from the jaws of frustration. After a great start – winning a…
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Episode 2: Gurinder Chadha

Broadcast date: 26 May 2021 Gurinder Chadha doesn't make dance films or musicals – but with the slightest nudge, films like Bend It Like Beckham, Bride and…
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Episode 3: Cathy Marston

Broadcast date: 2 June 2021. The choreographer Cathy Marston has a rare gift for telling stories in dance. Now a major player in leading ballet…
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Episode 4: Victoria Treviño

Broadcast date: 9 June 2021 Dance, and especially ballet, can sometimes seem remote from people's lives. How do you bolt it into the heart of…
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Episode 5: Phil Chan

Broadcast date: 16 June 2021 Phil Chan is a dancer, arts advocate and activist born in Hong Kong and now based in New York. With…
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Episode 6: Dr Guddi Singh

Broadcast date: 23 June 2021 Dance touches lives beyond performers, so the guests on Why Dance Matters aren't only professional dancers. Guddi Singh is a…
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Episode 7: Céline Gittens

Broadcast date: 30 June 2021 Céline Gittens first made her name as a teenager, winning both a gold medal and the Audience Choice Award at…
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Episode 8: Luke Rittner

Broadcast date: 7 July 2021 Even for non-dancers, dance gets to the heart of things that matter to them the most. This week, for the…
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