Series 6

July – August 2023.

Interviews include David Hallberg, Merritt Moore, Wayne McGregor, Alice Oseman, Mitchell Rayner, Endalyn T. Outlaw, and Jennifer White.

Episode 1: David Hallberg

The new season of Why Dance Matters opens with one of the great ballet princes – David Hallberg, star dancer and now artistic director of…
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Episode 2: Merritt Moore

Why Dance Matters often meets people whose interest in dance sits alongside expertise in a completely different field. Merritt Moore – (C) BBC – Photographer:…
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Episode 3: Wayne McGregor

Wayne McGregor, one of the world's leading choreographers, is an ideas man who makes abstract thought into thrillingly visceral dance. Photo: Pål Hansen. His collaborations…
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Episode 4: Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman's work stops hearts – in a good way. They capture the delirious rush of first love, above all in the Heartstopper series –…
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Episode 5: Mitchell Rayner

‘Living in the movement' is the motto of Australian Royal Academy of Dance teacher Mitchell Rayner. Enjoying and fully inhabiting your movement is a fantastic…
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Episode 6: Endalyn T. Outlaw

The RAD's flagship event, the Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition, gives young dancers a chance to learn from top professionals. This year's coaches include Endalyn…
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Episode 7: Jennifer White

Jennifer White is a choreographer who occupies a unique sweet spot between RAD ballet, contemporary dance, Kylie and the year's hottest movie: she is the…
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