Steps to Success…

In the eighty-five countries where RAD members teach, we know that financial challenges hold some dancers back. We want to create even more opportunities for them, reduce inequality, and expand our exams into new, under-represented groups globally.

Your generosity can help us to change the future for more dancers in three simple steps:

Step 1: Make a donation

Your gift could help someone with their dance training and show them that someone believes in them:

  • £50 could enable a child to take their very first exam
  • £150 could help a student take Intermediate, opening the door to a future as a dance teacher
  • £250 could help a young dancer be one of the few candidates around the world to achieve our Solo Seal
  • £500 could help a whole class in a developing country take an exam
  • £1,000 could enable a school in an under-served community to enter their students for exams

Step 2: Our fund will match it

Thanks to the generous support of two anonymous donors, we have been kindly gifted a matched fund of up to £12,500. This means that for each exam you fund, we can offer two dancers the chance to dance.

Step 3: Make a world of difference to a young dancer!

With a gift donation, you could help a student from an underserved community in the UK to experience the joy of achievement, give a student in rural Australia a chance to take their very first Grade, or enable a student in Zimbabwe to take their Intermediate exam – opening up the opportunity to build a career, guiding dancers of the future, as an RAD teacher.

Please make a gift and help us to ensure that, with the RAD, everybody can dance.

Thank you.

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What exams mean to us…

To illustrate how much your donation means to young dancers around the world, here we share some of the feedback from students and teachers on what taking an RAD exam has meant to them.

Young students in South Korea.

“Seeing the smile beam on students’ faces when they come out of an examination is incredible! The pride they have in themselves is just lovely.”
Emily Dart

“I would like to say thank you so much for giving me this chance so that I could do the RAD Intermediate Foundation examination. My parents work very hard but because they earn in Ghana cedi. It makes it very difficult for them to pay in dollars or pounds equivalent fees. I have four siblings, so it is hard for them, but they always try to give us the best things available.”

“I applied for a bursary for a student who had recently lost both her parents. The bursary allowed her to take her Grade 5 exam which she wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. She wants to pursue a career in performance arts, so it was vital she gets her RAD examinations.”
Holly Kent