Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with the RAD is an opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and skills whether you’re a dancer, a teacher running your own dance school, a choreographer, an arts administrator, or simply interested in dance. We can provide you with a variety of activities and content from webinars and in-person workshops, to longer events that allow you to network with other dance professionals from around the world.

A flexible approach

We take a flexible approach where you can take part in CPD offered by the RAD, and also by other organisations. We recognise that CPD is personal to you, and your situation and so we let you tailor your CPD to suit your own situation, whether you would like to develop more knowledge in injury prevention, keep up to date with the latest legislation, discuss teaching strategies with fellow teachers, or focus on developing your leadership and resilience skills, you can create your own CPD plan. RAD CPD may inspire you to further study or lead to increased wellbeing and we aim to provide you with what you need to develop.

Upcoming CPD activities

We offer syllabus and non-syllabus in-person activities, and various online courses.
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CPD with the RAD

The RAD is committed to producing the best teachers in the world and CPD is one way to showcase that you are up to date on current dance teaching practice, legislation or health and personal wellbeing.
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CPD Endorsed Providers

Becoming an endorsed provider means that you’ll benefit from an association with the Royal Academy of Dance brand, recognised as a world leader in dance education and training.
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CPD Bursary

We are committed to supporting RAD Registered Teachers who wish to develop their skills and knowledge by engaging with CPD. Each year, a limited number of bursaries for designated CPD activities delivered through CPD UK are made available.
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