Why Teach Dance?

Dance Education is an incredibly diverse and exciting profession that is enjoying continued worldwide popularity and offers numerous opportunities. A career in dance teaching has many benefits…

  • Great employment prospects. The twenty-first century needs qualified, well-informed and inspirational dance teachers who can meet the challenges and expectations of this ever-expanding professional industry.
  • Work in a number of different contexts. Depending on your interest and choice of qualification; you could prepare students to become professional dancers, provide specialist subject education in a school or college, or help people to learn more about dance and movement so they can develop their artistic and creative skills whilst improving their health and well-being.
  • Shape a generation and make a difference. Dance teachers are important role models, with the power to motivate and influence not only the next generation of dancers and dance teachers, but also the dance audiences of the future.
  • Join a global community of dance students and teachers. Teaching is a highly transferable skill and can lead to an international career; our graduates have gone on to teach all over the world.
  • Teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession. Dance teachers teach more than just steps, they encourage personal empowerment.
  • Dance teachers make unique contributions to the future development of dance education. What’s more, the dance teaching sector enjoys a strong professional development culture, ensuring that all teachers remain at the forefront of expert knowledge and practice.