26 April 2024 11:21

Winners of the RAD Teacher Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the RAD Awards 2024. The awards celebrate the significant and sustained contributions by RAD dance teachers around the world. 

The judging panel were so impressed with the nominations that, as well as selecting a winner for each award, it was decided to give Honourable Mentions in some of the categories because they wanted to recognise the depth and breadth of the work being done by teachers across many communities. 

Dance for Wellbeing Award 

Honourable Mention – Jan Kilpatrick (Thompson) for her work with the Care Cabin, a private, nurturing space where individuals can explore and address their mental health issues through rewarding experiences and dance therapies, and for her holistic approach for individual wellbeing. 

Winner - Rebecca Yates, for her work with the Silver Swans community, building confidence and self-worth for all participants. Rebecca has established a Community Interest Company enabling access to funding from Trusts and Charities to improve health and wellbeing and has built credibility with Commissioners in the NHS and Social Care. 

Innovation in Dance Award 

Winner - Mariah-Jane Thies for her work highlighting the importance of brain integration for optimal learning, offering free courses and sharing her work with a community of almost 3,000 members. Mariah-Jane's work connects dance with science and is moving teaching and the experience of dance forwards, challenging common and long-held traditions with a new angle. 

Championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award 

Honourable Mention - Lauren Hustler for her work promoting dance instruction in remote areas which are multiculturally diverse, and for her work with students with diverse medical needs such as those with Tourette's Syndrome who face specific additional barriers. 

Winner - Marta Comas Utiel for her work to actively address societal stigmas associated with mental disabilities by organising events that showcase the talents and capabilities of her students. Supporting the Deaf community, those on the autism spectrum and individuals with Schizophrenia among others. She embodies the RAD Value that every body can dance. 

Community Engagement Dance Teacher Award 

Honourable Mention - Vivienne Kibble for her work using dance videos to raise thousands of pounds for local foodbanks and also for raising money for a bursary fund for students who may not otherwise be able to afford to dance. 

Winner - Natalie Hall for her creation of 'Fireflies' and 'Ballet for the Cancer Community'. Natalie has innovated a formalisation of the impact in the care aspect of her dance teaching-work, gaining recognition from clinicians and patients in the Cancer community, as well as using dance to make a profoundly positive impact on the lives of the participants.