Corporate governance

The documents and reports below are all downloadable in PDF format:

Annual review and report & financial statements

A single ‘Annual Report and Financial Statements’ has been published since 2013/14. Prior to that a separate Annual Review and Report, containing a summarised financial statement and a separate full set of Financial Statements, were published.

These publications need to have been read in conjunction with each other as the former were not statutory accounts, but a summary of information relating to the Statement of Financial Activities and the Balance Sheet from the full Financial Statements.

RAD Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019-20

Previous reports

Corporate publications

We are not required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, however, in the interest of openness and transparency, we publish documents on our work and practices.

These are available for download (below), and printed copies are available on request.

Equality, Diversion, and Inclusion

We retain the right to edit documents containing commercial or sensitive material and to withhold publication where the document compromises our commercial interests, international relations, formulation of policy, an individual’s right to privacy, or the security of a building or its occupants.