RADiate provides subsidised inclusive dance classes with specialised Dance Artists, to children with additional learning needs in primary schools. The programme works with young people on the autism spectrum, behavioural and emotional social difficulties, and those with learning difficulties, be they in mainstream or SEN focused schools. This includes young people with PMLD and those who are non-verbal.


The sessions engage young people through dance, movement, music and sensory props to develop their physicality and boost their self-esteem. Each session is created to respond to the young people participating and the Dance Artist leading the lesson works to engage and encourage pupils using ideas based on class topics or led by the participant’s interests.


We work to achieve this by:

  • delivering fun, creative and sensory dance activities, underpinned by a coherent structure, enabling children to work alongside their peers and support staff to reach their full potential.
  • working in partnership with the school staff to ensure that children make progress at their own pace in a supportive and motivational environment.

Classes are delivered by a small team of highly-experienced Dance Artists on a weekly basis at primary schools in London.

Many of the children find it difficult to engage in group activities. RADiate tutors are experienced in using activities that will attract the children into the group so that taking part becomes a fun experience. This is done in close collaboration with the staff at each school.

RADiate students also benefit from:

  • a non-verbal way to express themselves and their individuality,
  • tailored class development at their own pace, responding to individual physicalities and the group’s needs,
  • the use of Makaton signing, to support language skills
  • weekly classes, which give children the opportunity to make gradual progress within the routine and structure of the class.

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