For primary schools

The RADiate Primary Schools project runs as a school residency, with weekly sessions across a term or school year, this includes:

RADiate class. Photo: David Tett

  • Bespoke 2-hour sessions (as a minimum) delivered weekly in your school setting, be it a classroom or hall.
  • Experienced Dance Artists matched to your school and the needs of your students, with further support through a dance trained assistant.
  • Ongoing collaboration with your school staff, with a FREE  introductory CPD session available for all school staff to demystify creative dance and best practise.
  • Termly visits from the RADiate Artist Development Officer to ensure the quality of delivery across schools and to provide ongoing training and support for the Dance Artists to ensure they deliver the best experience for your pupils.
  • Different modes of delivery are available including face-to-face sessions, live online sessions, and pre-recorded videos to access at a convenient time for your school staff, or for parents and carers to enjoy with their child from home.

RADiate Term Dates 22/23

RADiate Term Dates 24/25 – 31 weeks of delivery

Expression of interest

To enquire about availability for September 2024, register your interest online.

For secondary schools, discover our STEP into dance secondary school programme and SEND Dance Company, get in touch by email

Please note our schools’ project is currently restricted to those based in London and surrounding areas.

Schools feedback

“[The Tutor] managed to get involved in the activity even the most withdrawn or reluctant kids. The activity made all participants smile and move their body. There is nothing we would want to change about the project. She has brought dance to bed-bound children, making them move to a melody and making them feel better.”Cristina Garcia, Evelina Hospital School

“Dance had developed our student’s spatial awareness and allowed them to be more mindful of their body and movements.” Guppie Singh, Teacher, Fulham Primary School

“[The teacher] has also allowed the mainstream children to join which helps for peer modelling and is a lovely chance for inclusion. This has also helped them interact with one another, using their social communication skills in a less pressured environment.” Tessa Harris, Class Teacher, Fulham Primary School

“The sessions are accessible and show an understanding of the needs of the children. Children are engaged in the lessons, are progressing because they are a good fit for them and they look forward to them.” Sarah Gavin, Teacher, Smallwood Primary School

“The children are in groups of friends they wouldn’t usually play with so it’s nice to see them integrate and communicate with different friends.” Rebecca Neofetou, Teaching Assistant, Granard Primary School

“Children are now much more engaged in dance sessions, especially when sensory props are used such as the stretchy fabric and ribbons. Pupils are beginning to follow the instructions with more independence and are showing enjoyment at learning new skills. They are also beginning to work alongside one another in the sessions more.” Vicky Woodgate, Class Teacher and Head of ASD Pathway, Red Gates School

“For one pupil it was the first time he has been engaged in an activity for longer than a few minutes. He actively participates in the group and smiles and gestures for more.” Lisa Travers, Teacher, Red Gates School

“He never usually engages in lessons and generally struggles with instructions and motivation but in the dance class you only ever have to ask him once and he does it. He listens, he mirrors, and he is connected to you and the movement. He is like a new person when it comes to dance” Teaching Assistant, Red Gates School

“All the children enjoy the sessions. They enjoy that they have a degree of control within the boundaries of the lesson by creating their own movement.” Susan Aikman, Class Teacher, Miles Coverdale Primary School

“[The sessions] have allowed them to be creative and I feel you can see their individual personalities shine through their dance moves. I really enjoyed watching them have fun.” Tessa Harris, Class Teacher, Fulham Primary School

Students feedback

“What I like about dancing is that you can take your mind off things by dancing. It makes me feel happy and joyful”