Around the world, RAD exams are recognised for their quality, and each year, nearly a quarter of a million candidates across the globe choose to take their dance exams with us.

We offer a wide range of exams and assessments to motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities. Our focus is on creativity and musicality, providing opportunities to progress and achieve. It’s not just professional or young dancers who take our exams; age is no barrier to success. At any stage of your life or career you can develop your fitness, musicality and artistry. Our candidates range in age from 2 to 60+!

RAD Examinations during the pandemic

We have temporarily put in place the following measures to allow us to adapt our exams model during the continuing pandemic and to help us provide examination sessions:

  • We will be limiting extensive examiner travel. International travel will be reviewed by the Director of Examinations to try and ensure the safety of candidates, teachers, examiners and exam day staff/assistants.
  • Teachers and exam organisers must have a risk assessment in place for their examination session.
  • We will be using some examiners who are local to the country/region in which exams are taking place.
  • Filmed exams will remain an option for teachers and candidates until December 2022
  • Where teachers have face-to-face examinations planned, we advise that they also have a ‘plan B’ to film, in case of emergencies. That way the work spent on planning the examination day is not wasted.
  • Sessions may not follow normal patterns as organisers react to lockdowns, quarantines or closures – your local office will advise about options in your area.
  • All the format and administrative adaptations previously circulated, e.g. CD permitted for vocational levels, soft ballet shoes permitted for all vocational levels (see document in Members’ Area for a full list) will be in place until December 2022, to help teachers with reduced studio and preparation time for their candidates.
  • Reasonable adaptations of exam procedures (to allow for social distancing) are permitted.

We will review these points regularly, and where we find that conditions are more stable and travel less restrictive, we will relax these measures.

As you may be aware, we usually minimise instances of examiners being allocated to tours in areas close to where they live and work, to avoid conflicts of interest with pupils they may have taught, coached or examined in the previous two years. Using the above temporary model, examiners will be examining closer to home and it may not always be possible to follow this policy. Please be assured that we will closely monitor any possible conflicts of interest, using information from both teachers and examiners, and we will ensure that all cases are logged with the Quality Assurance Manager.

We will try to be as flexible and pragmatic as we can, to provide an examinations service for our teachers and candidates during this time.

If you have questions please contact exams@rad.org.uk or your local office.

Read RAD’s COVID-19 guidance.

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