Exam fees and refunds

Information on examination fees, refunds, withdrawals and cancellations.

Exam fees 2022

Provision of services 2022

UK and Ireland
Europe (Updated 18/01/22)
Canada and the USA
Latin America and the Caribbean fees (updated 11/04/22)
Asia Pacific (updated 24/03/22)
Africa, Middle East and South Asia (updated 20/04/22)

There are two sets of fees – one for exams in an AEC (teacher’s own studio) and one for exams in an RAV (a venue provided by the RAD).

For some vocational graded exams there are:

  • Full rates, or
  • Membership rates – visit Membership to find out more about becoming an RAD Member.

Details about fees can be found in our Specifications.

Refunds, withdrawals and cancellations

When applying for a refund, evidence should be submitted to the appropriate RAD office no later than four weeks after the exam date. For further details, please see fees in our Specifications or view the additional refund policy for COVID specific situations.