Reasonable adjustments

If you are concerned about whether to enter an RAD exam due to a special educational need, disability or medical condition, you can request special arrangements (reasonable adjustments) to be put in place.

We can make adjustments to administrative and exam procedures if they are judged to be reasonable, necessary and practicable.

Applications for adjustments should be made by the closing date for exam entry, to enable the RAD to ensure that a candidate’s particular requirements are met.

To safeguard the integrity of the award, all candidates will be assessed against the same criteria and no concessions will be made in this respect.

Forms should be submitted at the closing date for the examination entry wherever possible. Please highlight the check box next to the relevant candidate in your exam entry.

Submit the reasonable adjustment form via email or attach to your online entry. Please do not submit medical notes. If such information is required we will be in touch.

If you attach a form to your online entry after the closing date, please notify exams customer services / and your local organiser.

Forms received less than 2 working days before the exam date may not be processed.