Dennie Wilson

Dennie Wilson

Dennie Wilson

Lecturer in Teacher Education for Professional Dancers


I am responsible for the Academy’s portfolio of awards for Professional Dancers. I joined the RAD’s Faculty of Education in September 2012, fresh from an exciting 6-month contract working on the Olympic and Paralympics Games, where I worked as Victory Ceremony Venue Producer. Prior to this, I taught contemporary dance for eight years, at Elmhurst School for Dance (6th form and graduate year), the University of Wolverhampton as Senior Lecturer in Dance and Performance and as a dance artist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s education department. A career as a dancer, performer and performance maker has taken me all over the world. I have performed the works of leading choreographers and collaborated with some fascinating and intensely driven artists, created performances from three-act dance operas, to Opening Ceremonies for venues ranging from the Royal Albert Hall and the National Indoor Arena Birmingham, to intimate studio spaces and art galleries and also run a small project-based company dna3d dance design digital.


BA (Hons), Advanced Dip. Coach, MA , PhD Candidate

Teaching and management

  • Programme Manager for Professional Dancers Postgraduate Teaching Certificate
  • Programme Manager for Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma
  • BA (Hons) Ballet Education
  • BA(Hons) Dance Education
  • Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies

Research interests and projects

  • Contemporary Technique for Ballet Dancers in Vocational Training
  • E-resources for the teaching and learning of dance
  • Performance making and choreograph
  • Coaching: Decision Making, Empowerment, Vocational Dance Training
  • Performance Making: Coaching Performance, Making and Locating Performance

Professional activities

External Examiner: English National Ballet School – Contemporary Dance

Conference presentations

  • 2019: Presentation: ‘Silencing the self by unlocking the block – developing self-efficacy in dance students’ NIDMS Symposium
  • 2018: Presentation: “Relationships with Repertoire: The anchor and the sail for professional dancers making the transition from performing into teaching” Unravelling Repertoire: Histories, Pedagogies and Practices, Brisbane, January 2018.
  • 2012: Dance and Lifelong Wellbeing- Royal Academy of Dance Spring Conference. Paper: ‘Career Transitions for Professional Dancers’
  • 2010: International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, ADMS Emerging independent dancers and podcasts for fitness training – a pilot project
  • 2009: ALT-C 2009 Choice, Evidence and Change: in dreams becomes responsibility: Paper ‘Tasks and Transitions – Instruction to Independence a series of video-podcasts designed for creativity within learning.’
  • 2009: Higher Education Academy Conference 2009: The future of student learning experience: Paper: ‘I wish we had those – video-podcasts for the dance studio.’ (with Publication) collaborative undergraduate, post-graduate and professional learning exchanges in dance and performance, explored through Web 2.0 tools and practices.
  • 2009: International Conference of Blended Learning: Paper – ‘Given the challenges of group work, increasing demand on student time and narrow subject experience, can “Podcasts for the Studio”, facilitate the widening of knowledge, experience and productive independent group learning?’
  • 2009: Telling ePortfolio Stories Conference. Telling Stories Conference: University of Wolverhampton, 2009: paper – ‘The Go-Between’
  • 2008: Telling ePortfolio Stories Conference 2008, UK – ‘ePortfolio as choreographic sketchbook – the student story, research to performance.’
  • 2008: Learning Lab Conference 2008, UK – ‘choreopod – dance/iPod/digital literacies a blended learning approach’
  • 2008: The 11th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology, International Conference, Connecticut, USA. -‘Choreopod – dance/iPod/digital literacies.’
  • 2008: ALT International Conference, Edinburgh – ‘Enhancing learning and employment opportunities using an ePortfolio with Performing Arts students.’
  • 2008: Diverse International Conference, Glasgow – ‘Choreopod – dance for the iPod video.’
  • 2006: iPod technologies for Culture, Creation and Communication, UK – Choreo: pod
  • 2002-3: ‘Pulses and Impulses: Dance and the Community’ International Conference Lisbon: ‘Body Mapping’ : Collide: Rebound: Collaborate: Deliver: An artist’s practice-based research project and an organisations community dance provision.
  • 2002-3: ‘Finding the Balance…Dance in Further and Higher Education in the 21stBalancing Theory and Practice in the undergraduate research project Century’

Research supervision

  • Performance Practice
  • Scenography & Performance Making
  • Choreography


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t: 020 7326 8963