Silver Swans classes by our Licensees

From experienced dancers to those that don’t know their plié from their pointe, older learners of any ability are invited to try out free Silver Swans classes.

We will be showcasing classes from around the UK and beyond through manageable bitesize videos, delivered by a different Silver Swans Licensee each week, each with their own take on ballet exercises adapted for older learners.

New videos will be added every Wednesday at 1pm GMT.

You can now find a list of teachers currently offering online classes on our Become a Silver Swan page.

Silver Swans ballet at home with Licensee Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart

My name is Sarah Stewart (ARAD, PDTD, RTS), a mother of three crazy kids and an above-average consumer of tea! I am an ex-professional dancer and a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance. I became a Silver Swans Licensee in the Summer of 2018 in Las Vegas and since then, have been offering Silver Swans classes in Calgary, Canada through my company, Balletiques. My classes are different from most in that I set these fun, accessible and low-impact classes to beautiful modern classical music from TV and film. I love to use bold, inspiring pieces from Bridgerton, Outlander, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey and Poldark in addition to traditional favourites such as Swan Lake, Coppélia and The Nutcracker. My classes are for both beginners and experienced dancers, and all ages are welcome.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been offering online Silver Swans classes through Zoom. It has been a blessing to be able to open up my classes to ladies and gentlemen all around the world and I have welcomed many Swans from the UK (my country of birth), France, Spain, Canada and the USA. I teach two classes per week on Mondays and Thursdays at 10am Mountain Time (12-noon Eastern Time, 5pm UK Time) but if you can’t attend the live class, a recording of the class is available for a week and indefinitely for Balletiques members. Your first class is free so you’ve got nothing to lose, and you truly can dance like nobody’s watching!

If you liked this first video please head to the Masterpiece Dances video. This video contains four exercises that incorporate those fundamentals into fun, short dances. This video features: Twilight demi-pliés, Tango port de bras, Poldark walks, Outlander hops. Sign up here for your first free class.

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Important disclaimer

As with any form of physical exercise, you are taking part at your own risk, and should only do those activities that you consider safe for your own body and the space in which you are working. It is important that you understand any existing conditions you may have that may preclude you from doing any of the suggested exercises presented. If in doubt, please consult a medical expert before participating. Please make sure you have read any instructions, carefully taking note of any advice on age appropriateness or any necessary prior experience.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have a suitable and safe area, free of obstacles, in which to participate. We suggest an area of at least 3 metres by 3 metres. Make sure that the floor surface is suitable to work on and that you have footwear appropriate for that surface. If you are holding onto an object for balance, please make sure that is it extremely stable. As we are working remotely, we are unable to give personal feedback.