Selection criteria

Once your initial application has been submitted it will be processed according to the following selection criteria:

For details of the selection criteria for all other programmes please contact the Registry at


Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes
You can keep track of your application through the UCAS website. This includes any conditional or unconditional offers we may make. You will need to respond via the UCAS website in accordance with the given deadlines.

PGCE: Dance Teaching (with QTS)
Candidates who have been successful in all steps of the Admissions Process will be made an offer of a place on the programme. The offer and its conditions will be processed through UCAS Teacher Training. Conditions will usually be, but not only, the achievement or verification of academic and other qualifications, the achievement of the Numeracy and Literacy Skills Tests as well as a satisfactory police check.

In order to ensure that students are able to teach, all successful candidates will also have to provide a satisfactory occupational health screening. This will allow us to consider reasonable adjustments that will enable you to fulfil your obligations as a trainee teacher. Information on this screening will be provided with the offer information.

We recommend applicants click on the following link to find comprehensive information on a career in teaching.

Part-time and Distance Learning programmes
Offers will be made direct from our registry.

Contextualised admissions

Guidance for Applicants
When the Faculty of Education reviews your application to one of our university-validated programmes, we implement the principles of contextualised admissions.

What are contextualised admissions?
Contextualised admissions is the process through which the Faculty of Education assesses your prior attainment and potential to succeed in higher education in the context of the circumstances in which your attainment has been obtained. Contextual data includes educational, geo-demographic and socio-economic background data.  Contextual information includes self-declared information which you provide, such as current or previous caring responsibilities, or family/lifestyle circumstances. To find out more information on contextualised admissions, download the guidance document here.

Auditions and Interviews