Facilities and Equipment

For your studies, you will need access to a computer and to a reliable internet connection. Study material and supporting documentation, such as guidance, policies, procedures and request forms are available on the Faculty of Education’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) via the internet. You will be given a personal log-in to the VLE at the beginning of your studies, which is linked to your email address. Please ensure that you have a personal email address, not a family or work address. It may be useful to set up a separate email address just for your studies so that you have a dedicated space to keep track of your communication with us.

We also suggest that you invest in a separate, external storage device with sufficient storage space in order to create backup copies of your work and research. Problems with your computer equipment or internet connection are not a satisfactory explanation for not submitting your final assignments on time and will therefore not be accepted as extenuating circumstances. Onsite students have access to the Information Learning Technology Suite and Computer Suite at RAD headquarters.

If your studies require you to submit electronic portfolios or to give presentations, for example, portable devices, such as USB sticks, could prove useful to take your data with you. Please ensure that you have more than one device in order to keep your private information and your study-related documentation separate and in order to be able to leave the device for a time with the Faculty of Education when you submit formative or summative assignments. The device may not be returned to you immediately after you have given it to us.

Official Bodies