Across all programmes, we expect you to have a minimum of Intermediate in the relevant dance genre. If you are applying for a place on the Certificate in Dance Teaching (Ballet) (CDT), you will need to explain in your personal statement your own training in ballet and show in detail how you are able to embody the RAD syllabus or how you are obtaining the relevant ballet skills prior to the start of the programme.

All our programmes of study train students to be dance teachers. We, therefore, expect our students to have a certain level of dance skills before they study with us. For the RAD’s own ballet syllabus, for instance, there are several ways in which you can increase your knowledge of the Graded and Vocational Graded syllabus and improve your demonstration skills in preparation for your studies.

For example, you can attend ballet classes by an RAD teacher in your area or undertake one of our CPD workshops on syllabus work. If you prefer to work through the syllabus yourself or live in a location without easy access to classes or workshops, the RAD syllabus is available in books, e-books and DVDs.

All programmes of study require students to write formative and summative assignments, such as study tasks, essays or presentations for instance. You should therefore already have a certain level of computer skills in order to be able to use the usual set of computer software before you commence your studies.

Time management

Distance-learning allows you to arrange the time you study around other things in your life, for example, a family, a job, being a carer, or all three. Whatever your circumstances, you will need good time management skills and you will need to set aside time each week during term time that is dedicated only to your studies. In order to plan your work, you may wish to set up a timetable for your studies, plotting your study hours around your other commitments during term time. Or you may decide to dedicate your weekends and one or two hours every weekday in the evening to your studies in order to fit them around your daytime job. Our tutors will help you be on track by setting you deadlines for the submission of study tasks, for instance, as the module progresses. You can arrange your studies in any way you like during term time. Please be aware that our General Regulations do not allow students who are registered with us to undertake full-time study at another institution at the same time.

Facilities and Equipment