Graduate –BA (Hons) Dance Education

Macau is an interesting place, where Chinese and Portuguese cultures fused for almost 500 years. Today it’s one of the fastest growing economies in Asia with a developing live entertainment industry with famous casino shows like the French style cabaret ‘Crazy Paris Show’, with over 20 years of history.

Macau attracts international artists, dancers, singers and special acts to create unique art forms, some of whom decide to make it their home and start to create their own projects. With the Macau government they organise events such as Macau Arts Festival, Fringe Festival or numerous shows at the Macau Cultural Centre, where citizens have a chance to be a part of growing art community. Thanks to their efforts more people are interested in the arts.

In my six years of living in Macau, I have seen a number of dance studios opening and offering classes of all kinds to both children and adults. I have met a lot of inspiring people who gave me the idea of opening my own school. Today I give dance and aerial arts classes to a wide range of students from 3 – 45 years-old, first time learners and professionals.

This experience has changed my way of thinking and taught me a lot about cultural differences in relation to art. In a class, where it is possible that every student has a different nationality and speaks a different language, I have discovered how fundamental and universal non-verbal communication can be. The body is a great tool to overcome language barriers and outcomes can be surprising!
I chose to study the BA (Hons) in Dance Education to further my knowledge of dance and dance teaching practice. I am particularly interested in looking at overcoming cultural differences and being able to bring young artists together. As a dance teacher I have discovered that potential is everywhere – we just need to know how to find it.

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