Alysia Jarvis

Student – Master of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching)

I have worked as a dance teacher in Sydney, Australia for the past 25 years, specialising in RAD ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre. Making the decision to study dance education has been one of the best decisions I ever made and has opened up a huge range of professional opportunities. I completed the BA (Hons) Dance Education in 2013 and am now close to completing my second year of the Masters. Managing a portfolio career, along with a family, is challenging and so I have relished the opportunity to be able to study on a programme that offers flexibility, currency and relevance. There is really no equivalent course available in Australia.

Delivery via distance learning allows me the freedom to work according to my own schedule. The fact that it is practice-based means that current dance-based research and pedagogical approaches are linked strongly to my own context, allowing me the opportunity to critically reflect, analyse and improve my own practice. At times I feel I have been pushed beyond my comfort zone but I have become a far better teacher as a result and my students are certainly the beneficiaries of this.

I have expanded my teaching practice and now work with students at both a vocational and tertiary level. I have had the opportunity to work as a mentor and consultant across a range of educational platforms and I have developed skills as a teacher-leader that continue to impact positively on my workplace and students.