Alessandra Spada

Student – Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate Teaching Certificate

I started my dance education in Florence and graduated from the John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart, before working with the Ballet Dortmund and Ballet of Flanders. Ever since I started pursuing classical dance as a profession, I often wondered what my next step would be once I finished performing. The uncertainty of this career often made me feel powerless about the timing of my future due to the changing of directions in ballet companies and injuries. Being part of the PDPTC programme gave me the tools to take my life into my own hands. Taking such a step towards a different career path felt scary at the beginning, but then it taught me to trust my own abilities and knowledge about this art form. Moreover, I discovered the pleasure of studying and learning new skills again.

Since starting the programme, a lot of new possibilities have opened up for me and I hope that after completing the PDPTC I will be able to find a job as a ballet teacher. Future aspirations are to become an examiner and to open my own ballet school.