Léa Georgeson Caparros

Student – Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studie – now Certificate in Dance Teaching (Ballet)

When I made the decision to undertake teacher training, there was no question as to where I wanted to do this. The RAD teachers have been some of the best and most inspiring individuals I’ve met, helping me to become the dancer I am today. By undertaking RAD training, I hope in turn, to encourage young dancers to fulfil their potential too.

Having already achieved an undergraduate and postgraduate degree, I was reluctant to leave the professional sphere but the CBTS programme has made it possible to have the best of both worlds.

I have been able to work the part-time learning schedule around my existing working hours, thus allowing me to continue building my career and training towards my remaining vocational exams.

In all, this expansion in my professional experience has really helped diversify my opportunities. As a Sports Psychologist working with ballet dancers, the CBTS offers me understanding and insight into the people I am working with, as well as giving me the chance to become an integral part of their training and development in the future.