Tayla Best

Student – BA (Hons) Ballet Education

I chose to study in the UK because of the wonderful opportunities offered at the RAD and the dance degree I wanted to do is not delivered in New Zealand.

My biggest concern about studying in the UK was being so far away from home and not knowing anyone. New Zealand is such a small place compared to London, but I have made great friends from all over the world and these friendships will remain with me for the rest of my life. It has surprised me how well I have settled into London and the RAD.

What I like best about London is the atmosphere of living in a big city and having a lot of opportunities on my doorstep. London is amazing, everything is close and it is so easy to travel from one place to another. During the programme, we have been given many performance opportunities which have included watching the Royal Ballet perform at the Royal Opera House, seeing students performing at Move It and the Ideal Home Show plus I have been able to teach numerous classes during my placements.

My accommodation for the first year was in student halls close to Battersea. This was a secure all-girls environment which helped with me being new to London. Once I got to know people, I decided to share a flat with a couple of girls and this was situated close to the RAD.

My advice about studying overseas is to take every opportunity that is given to you. I have involved myself in everything London has to offer and all the opportunities that have come my way within the RAD environment. I know that when I leave there will be nothing that I will regret. My other advice is to just enjoy your time here; it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.