Grace Marett

Second Year Student – BA (Hons) Ballet Education

I began dancing at my local dance school in Jersey in the Channel Islands. I love to dance because it is incredibly rewarding, but I knew I wanted to become a dance teacher from the age of 11, so studying at the RAD on the BA Ballet Education programme has always been my goal. It is such a highly-respected programme and institution and I was particularly attracted by the balance between practical dance and theory which was confirmed through the open and audition days, which I really enjoyed. As I progress through my first year, it is even better than I thought it would be; the tutors want the very best out of each student and the classes are all engaging and suit my interests perfectly.

The most challenging part about coming to the RAD was moving to London which is a big change from the small island of Jersey. However, I settled in very quickly and love living here. I have had some amazing experiences in London as there are so many opportunities for students here.

As a second year, my future after the RAD still seems a long way off, but I feel certain that I will be completely prepared for my career as a dance teacher when I graduate. I have learnt that there is a wide range of possibilities and I am keeping an open mind about my career options. I am just making the most of every minute of my time at the RAD!