Megan West

Third Year Student – BA (Hons) Dance Education

After having to change my career plans following a medical diagnosis, the BADE programme provided the perfect stepping stone to an alternative dance career; I could remain involved in dance and start to teach whilst being able to study at home.

The Intensive Study Seminar week in the first year enabled me to meet others on the programme and made me feel part of the RAD education faculty, so that I knew I wasn’t alone. The programme has offered me a new focus, aided my exploration of dance sectors and expanded my knowledge.

Studying whilst teaching has enabled me to apply the knowledge from each module directly to my work and I have grown as a person, and as a dance teacher. The support from the RAD Faculty of Education, as well as fellow distance learners, has been pivotal to my success on the programme. Although it’s challenging at times, especially time management (working full-time alongside studying), it is utterly rewarding and has made me the teacher I am now.

It has increased my confidence, taught me to never give up, and that struggles can be tackled through joint learning and understanding of Dance Education, which has ultimately enabled my passion for dance to continue and to be passed on to my students. In the future, I would like to open my own inclusive dance school for the entire community; where old and young can participate in the joy of learning to dance. Dance is a doorway to discovery for individuals from all walks of life.