Watching Days

Our watching days give parents and guardians the chance to see how their children have progressed in class.

Watching days take place in normal class time towards the end of each term.

The RAD is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak, which has now been classed as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. For now, RAD headquarters is open and operating all core activities as normal, including classes at RAD’s Dance School. However, we have decided not to go ahead with watching days because it is not an essential part our activities and it seems sensible to limit any unnecessary risk. As we have decided that we are not able to continue with any Watching Days for this term, we therefore ask parents/guardians to not attend classes to observe students. We apologise for the late notice, but hope that you will understand that this is a situation that continues to develop at a fast pace.

RAD continues to pay close attention to advice provided by Public Health England and will respond accordingly. The health and safety of our staff, students, visitors and the wider community is our primary concern, and we are monitoring the situation day-by-day as it evolves.  If you have any questions as to how RAD is responding to the situation, we are updating our website daily:

Thank you for your kind understanding of this matter.