Watching Days

Our watching days give parents and guardians the chance to see how their children have progressed in class. Watching days typically take place in the last two weeks of each term.

In the Summer Term, there will be a Sharing of Work for selected classes instead of the usual watching days, and more information can be found below.

The watching day schedule for other classes in the Summer Term is available to view below.

Summer 2023 Watching Days

Sharing of Work – Summer 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the RAD Dance school is providing an opportunity for some Dance School students to participate in a sharing of work in the Aud Jebsen theatre here at RAD headquarters.

Selected classes will have the opportunity to share some of their class work in a number of small presentations. Check out the schedule for the date and time of your Sharing of Work HERE. You will note that the we have carefully timetabled the sharing of work so that it fits within students’ regular class times.

As a guide, although we are in the theatre, this is not an actual show/performance, it really is a sharing of the work students have learnt this year/term. We hope that by giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their work in our beautiful theatre, they can enhance their performance skills.

Each presentation will last between 20-30mins, depending on the class numbers.

More information will be shared directly with parents of students in participating classes. Students will be able to bring up to two guests.

Please continue to arrive for class, and especially your sharing of work promptly and in uniform, with hair styled appropriately. For classical bun guidance, please see our handy guide/video HERE.

Students who do not wish to participate in the Sharing of Work will be able to attend class as usual and watch the Sharing at the scheduled time instead of performing.

Keep an eye out for more information soon!

RAD Dance School Sharing of Work Schedule