Additional Ballet Classes

In addition to the RAD Syllabus work the Dance School also offers a wide range of non-syllabus ballet lessons from ages 2½ to adult.

Classes include:

  • Family dance movement (for ages 2½–3 years)
    A fun and creative movement class for toddlers aged 2½ and above and their parent, grandparent or carer. Taught by a highly experienced RAD teacher and accompanied by a pianist, these classes are a perfect introduction to movement and dance and provide a good springboard into the RAD Pre-School curriculum.
  • Dance to Your Own Tune (for ages 3-4)
    Taught with a live pianist, these are lively but structured classes that develop children’s physical skills and encourage creativity, expression, and musicality.
  • Pre-Vocational (Grade 3 with Distinction)
    These structured classes develop students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of movements and musical styles. The syllabi prepare students for a successful transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.
  • Boys Ballet (Level 1: 5–8-year-olds, Level 2: 9–11-year-olds, Level 3: 12–16-year-olds)
    A specialist non-syllabus class for boys which focuses on male ballet technique and choreography. Taught by a male RAD teacher, the classes develop core strength, musicality and presentation skills and are invaluable to dance students.
  • Ballet for beginners (for ages 13–17 years)
    Suitable for students with little or no previous experience of ballet, these non-syllabus classes introduce the basics of ballet technique with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.
  • Non-syllabus ballet, and classical pointe work (for level Advanced Foundation +)
    A non-syllabus, classical ballet class for students of Advanced Level. Students are given the opportunity to use their RAD syllabus training in this challenging and focused class.

These are all taught by qualified RAD teachers and are accompanied by live pianists. Build up your RAD timetable with one of these additional programmes, and as with our syllabus classes, students are welcome to try a session free of charge before enrolling.

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