Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process Questions

When can I apply for a place on the Summer School?
Registration and full guidance about the application process is available on the RAD website in January. A priority booking period for previous Summer School attendees is communicated prior to general booking.

Are there any discounts available?
Yes, the following apply to all Summer Events:

  • Sibling Discount: 2 sibling students: 10% discount off total cost of tuition fees; 3 or more sibling students: 20% discount off total cost of tuition fees
  • Group Discount for groups of 10-15 students: a 10% discount will be applied to total cost of tuition fees for each group of 10 or more students applying for the same event. Limited group places are available, please email in the first instance.
  • Multiple Booking Discount: for a student who is booking for more than one RAD Summer Event.

To qualify for these discounts, application details must be received together before the closing date. Sibling discounts will not be applied if part of a group, and group discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

I have now sent in my application and have received my Eventbrite ticket. Do I have a guaranteed place and can I make my travel arrangements?
Your Eventbrite ticket is confirmation that your booking and payment have been received successfully. Once the closing date has passed, we will know the final number of students enrolled on the course and will be able to confirm that the course will definitely go ahead. We will then issue a final confirmation within 15 working days of the closing date. Until this point, the course is subject to cancellation should we receive an insufficient number of student applications.

Why can I not book my flights and additional accommodation straight away?
We strongly advise that you DO NOT book any flights or additional accommodation until the final closing date has passed and confirmation that the course will take place has been issued to you. Any flight or accommodation bookings made prior to this confirmation are made at your own risk, and the RAD will not be liable to refund you for any loss you experience in the unlikely event that the course does not run.

When will I be able to book my flights?
Flights and additional accommodation should only be booked once final confirmation has been sent. This will be sent soon after the final closing date.

When will I receive full information regarding the course?
Following the closing date, final confirmation and full information will be sent out to all students enrolled on the Summer School, on the condition that payment has been processed in full. The information includes a number of forms for you to complete and bring with you on the first day of the Summer School and a Student Information Pack with details of the following:

  • Contact List
  • Travel information
  • Registration information
  • Uniform checklist
  • Faculty biographies
  • Summer merchandise information

My payment has been processed; does this mean that the course will definitely go ahead?
Due to the high number of applications that we receive across our student courses, our online booking service Eventbrite will process payment upon receipt of each application. Therefore, payment will be taken before the closing date of the course and before we are able to give final confirmation to students. In the unlikely case that the course is cancelled by the Academy, a full refund will be issued.

Course Content Questions

How long will the classes be?
Classes will be a minimum of 1 hour each, the Senior students will have longer classes to further develop their technique and creativity.

How are students allocated into groups?
Students will be placed into appropriate groups according to the information stated on their application form. The teaching Faculty are asked to confirm that they are happy with the groups on the first day of the course. If they feel it is necessary, changes will be made. The decision of the Faculty is final.

How many students will there be in each group?
There will be approximately 20-25 students in each group.

Is lunch provided for students?
No lunch is not provided, however there will be snacks available during the breaks throughout the day and there is an onsite cafe where students can purchase hot and cold food and drink. However, we recommend that they bring a lunch box.

What clothes should the students wear?
A full information pack will be sent to students before the start of the course which includes a uniform checklist. Please read this carefully and adhere to it as closely as possible.

Can parents watch the classes?
Guests are invited on the final day of the Summer School (Saturday) to watch classes and/or a short demonstration of work studied.

My English language level is basic. Is the course suitable for me?
The courses attract a lot of international students, many of whom speak a basic level of English. We ask that you identify your English level on the application form and we can pass this information on to teaching Faculty and Chaperones prior to the course. We also endeavour to place students with a basic English level with a Chaperone who can speak their language or with other students from the same country, wherever possible.

Will other international students be attending the Summer School?
All RAD summer courses attract a large number of international students. Last year students attended London Summer Schools from over 20 different countries!

Will there be any awards for students?
An award will be given to a student who has made significant improvement during each week of Summer School. The award is for one week’s tuition at an Academy run Summer School in the following year. The recipient will be selected by the teaching Faculty and their decision is final. All students will receive a certificate of attendance.