What to expect from a dance school or dance teacher

As a parent or guardian, you need to know that your child is in the hands of a school or teacher that takes their safeguarding responsibilities seriously.

All dance teachers or dance school owners, have a duty of care for children and adults at risk who attend their classes or use their premises. While it is the responsibility of those who teach RAD ballet to ensure that they meet the legal safeguarding requirements of the region/country that they operate in, we require teaching members of the RAD to have the following safeguarding requirements in place to support them to follow the highest possible standards as a minimum part of their professional membership:

  1. Obtain a criminal record check at least every three years
  2. Self-declare any criminal convictions to the RAD
  3. Participate in annual safeguarding training as part of their CPD hours

Our How to choose a dance teacher checklist is there to give a more thorough guide to what to look out for in a teacher or a school, and our online Register of Teachers will help you to find a dance teacher that meets our professional standards and training requirements in your area.